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The township format, although it’s been around for a while, is still not a unified one across the country. This lack of common definition means that anything from a development of 25 acres to 2,500 acres is being touted as a township. However, individual state governments and planning authorities have specified key prerequisites for a project to be called a township. In Hyderabad ,Gurgaon (Haryana), Maharashtra and Bengaluru, the minimum area for a township project is 100 acres. Besides, there are other norms like minimum road width, percentage of land usage, etc specified by the authorities.


Depending on size, a township project is expected to provide certain social infrastructure and ancillary facilities as well. For example, all townships must provide schools and basic medical care facilities, while those above 1,000 acres in size must provide a college as well. Similarly, all townships must provide a community room and library, but only the mega townships need to offer a recreational club. Projects larger than 1,000 acres can, therefore, be called “integrated townships”, since they are basically selfsustaining in nature.

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