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Gated communities are becoming an extremely popular choice among home buyers and tenants in the Hyderabad  because aside from their properly maintained lush and green environments, they also exude exclusivity. But before making a choice, first consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in one.


Eco-friendliness – In the Hyderabad, the development of sustainable gated communities is increasing and is being patronised by more residents, both locals and expatriates. These integrate natural power sources for energy efficiency, water conservation and to promote indoor air quality.

Controlled access – People choose to live in gated developments because of the sense of privacy and security they offer. Some communities here provide 24-hour serviced gatehouses that check incoming and outgoing guests, aside from residents. People also cannot simply drive through, making it safer.

Quiet environment – Gated communities tend to be quieter and have a more peaceful ambience. Guarded against noise from the outside, the environment within remains healthy. Greenery also adds to keeping the air the residents breathe pure and fresh.


Maintenance costs – Facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, health centres and sports fields are added benefits; therefore, property rates are a tad bit higher.

Restrictions – Deed restrictions limit the homeowner’s ability to paint, renovate or alter some parts of their homes. There are also strict landscape design codes in other gated estates with organised natural or decorative features.

Inconvenience – Gated communities are usually far from the city centres, making access to some amenities like grocery stores or schools difficult.

When planning on living in a gated project, do not just rely on ads for information. It is best to perform proper due diligence to see the value and integrity of the place.

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